A C++11 library for serialization
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Support for types found in <bitset> More...

#include "cereal/cereal.hpp"
#include "cereal/types/string.hpp"
#include <bitset>

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enum  type : uint8_t { ulong, ullong, string, bits }
 The type the bitset is encoded with.


template<class Archive , size_t N, traits::EnableIf< traits::is_output_serializable< BinaryData< std::uint32_t >, Archive >::value > = traits::sfinae>
void cereal::CEREAL_SAVE_FUNCTION_NAME (Archive &ar, std::bitset< N > const &bits)
 Serializing (save) for std::bitset when BinaryData optimization supported. More...
template<class Archive , size_t N>
void cereal::CEREAL_LOAD_FUNCTION_NAME (Archive &ar, std::bitset< N > &bits)
 Serializing (load) for std::bitset.

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Support for types found in <bitset>