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cereal::detail::OutputBindingCreator< Archive, T >::PolymorphicSharedPointerWrapper Class Reference

Holds a properly typed shared_ptr to the polymorphic type. More...

#include </home/shane/workspace/cereal/include/cereal/details/polymorphic_impl.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 PolymorphicSharedPointerWrapper (T const *dptr)
std::shared_ptr< T const > const & operator() () const
 Get the wrapped shared_ptr */.

Detailed Description

template<class Archive, class T>
class cereal::detail::OutputBindingCreator< Archive, T >::PolymorphicSharedPointerWrapper

Holds a properly typed shared_ptr to the polymorphic type.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Archive , class T >
cereal::detail::OutputBindingCreator< Archive, T >::PolymorphicSharedPointerWrapper::PolymorphicSharedPointerWrapper ( T const *  dptr)

Wrap a raw polymorphic pointer in a shared_ptr to its true type

The wrapped pointer will not be responsible for ownership of the held pointer so it will not attempt to destroy it; instead the refcount of the wrapped pointer will be tied to a fake 'ownership pointer' that will do nothing when it ultimately goes out of scope.

The main reason for doing this, other than not to destroy the true object with our wrapper pointer, is to avoid meddling with the internal reference count in a polymorphic type that inherits from std::enable_shared_from_this.

dptrA void pointer to the contents of the shared_ptr to serialize

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