A C++11 library for serialization
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cereal::detail::polymorphic_serialization_support< Archive, T > Struct Template Reference

#include </home/shane/workspace/cereal/include/cereal/details/polymorphic_impl.hpp>

Public Types

typedef instantiate_function< instantiateunused
 This typedef causes the compiler to instantiate this static function.

Static Public Member Functions

static CEREAL_DLL_EXPORT void instantiate () CEREAL_USED

Detailed Description

template<class Archive, class T>
struct cereal::detail::polymorphic_serialization_support< Archive, T >

This struct is used as the return type of instantiate_polymorphic_binding for specific Archive types. When the compiler looks for overloads of instantiate_polymorphic_binding, it will be forced to instantiate this struct during overload resolution, even though it will not be part of a valid overload

Member Function Documentation

template<class Archive , class T >
CEREAL_DLL_EXPORT void cereal::detail::polymorphic_serialization_support< Archive, T >::instantiate ( )

Creates the appropriate bindings depending on whether the archive supports saving or loading

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