Contributing to cereal

cereal is open source software developed with an open mindset. If you have suggestions, bug reports, or new features you would like to see, we would love to hear from you. We’re especialy enamored with people who have the technical ability to implement their suggestions in code.

Check out our GitHub page to see the latest changes, open issues, or discuss ideas with other users. You can also check out the mailing list, which is probably better for discussion.

Contributing code to cereal

Keep a few things in mind when suggesting or submitting something for consideration in cereal:

  • we strive to keep cereal as light-weight as possible
  • code must be of equal or superior quality to that already in cereal
  • new features must include unit tests and documentation (doxygen and, if warranted, web documentation)
  • code must work on all of our currently supported compilers and environments (and newer versions of them): g++ 4.7.3, clang++ 3.3, MSVC 2013, libstdc++, and libc++
  • code should be independent of underlying computer architecture (32 vs 64 bit, little vs big endian)

Learning more about cereal

The best way to learn about how cereal works is to play around with it in real code and then dive into the source. We’ve done our best to keep things as clean as possible and use sensible inline documentation.