Thread Safety

cereal can be used in a multithreaded environment with some restrictions and precautions, detailed here.

TLDR Version

If you want to be thread safe:

  1. Ensure that archives are accessed by only one thread at a time.
  2. If you will be accessing separate archives simultaneously, ensure CEREAL_THREAD_SAFE is defined and non-zero before any cereal headers are included, or modify its default value in <cereal/macros.hpp>.

Using Threads Safely

cereal can be used safely with threads with minimal limitations. The most important limitation to be aware of is that individual serialization archives are not designed to be accessed simultaneously from multiple threads. cereal expects that access to an archive will happen in a serial manner and may have undefined behavior if an archive is accessed in parallel.

Using multiple archives in parallel

While a single archive should not be used in parallel, it is possible to use multiple distinct archives simultaneously.

cereal uses global objects to track metadata associated with polymorphism and versioning for serialization. To keep cereal as light and fast as possible, its default behavior is to assume a single-threaded environment and perform no locking. If you have the need to access distinct archives simultaneously, you will need to define the CEREAL_THREAD_SAFE macro to be non-zero:

// Before including any cereal header file

// Now include your cereal headers
#include <cereal/cereal.hpp> 
// etc

This macro can be found in <cereal/macros.hpp> and is detailed in the doxygen documentation. Defining CEREAL_THREAD_SAFE=1 will cause cereal to perform locking on certain global objects used during polymorphism and versioning serialization. This will come with the performance penalties associated with locking a mutex.

Note that you will need to ensure this macro is defined before any cereal headers are included in every compilation unit. Alternatively, you can modify the default value for the macro in <cereal/macros.hpp> to avoid having to define it manually.

If using cereal through CMake, the THREAD_SAFE option can be used to add this definition automatically.