Getting Help With cereal

If you have a question about using cereal that isn’t answered either here or in the doxygen, the first thing you should do is see if giving your problem a bit more thought can solve it. If not, the second thing you should do is to search and see if someone has had a similar problem before.

If you think you have an issue that is new and exciting, there are a number of places to go for help:

  1. StackOverflow for that precious public repuation
  2. The online mailing list, which you can also email directly
  3. The GitHub issues, if your issue is more technical and related to the library code

Submitting bug reports

If you think you’ve found a bug in cereal, you should open an issue on GitHub. Be as descriptive and concise as you can, including the version of cereal you are using, your compiler, and operating system in your post. If you can, give us a minimal test case to reproduce your issue.

Mailing list

We have a mailing list at Google groups which you can either browse from the web or send email to.